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Land price and the two-price mechanism in state management of land – some issues and limitations

Types of land prices and mechanisms for applying land prices in specific cases The current land law stipulates three types of land prices: land price bracket, land price table and specific land price. Land price bracket The land price bracket is the land price set by the State from the minimum to the maximum for […]


Conditions for being granted Work Permit According to some current regulations, in order to apply for a Work Permit, a foreign worker must fully meet the following conditions: – Foreign workers must have full civil capacity; – Foreign workers must have health status suitable for the job requirements. – The foreign worker must not be […]

Vaccine passport – The policy is still under controversy

Currently, vaccine passports are being considered as one of the solutions to help resume international flights, open up tourism and trade, and revive economies around the world in general and Vietnam in particular so that countries can can quickly and safely open the border, gradually restore the tourism, aviation, trade and investment industries. In Vietnam, […]